Review: Diggin jumpSmart Trampoline

One of the most classic toys for kids is the trampoline. It’s exciting and can be good exercise too, making it a great choice. The Diggin JumpSmart trampoline tries to update the trampoline slightly to make it a bit more 21st century. It does this through a simple selection of electronic games. Let’s have a more in depth look and see if this is a trampoline that’s worth buying. Features Of The Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline * Can be used indoors or outdoors, * Bright colors, * Built-in five-in-one multi-game sound system, * Two handles for better grip, * Suitable for ages 3+. Is The Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Worth Buying? First off, you’ll notice that the colors of this trampoline are bright, which makes it an instant draw for kids. This should help ensure that it gets plenty of use – a good thing for both you and your child! Encouraging kids to exercise can be difficult. This trampoline makes it much easier, not only with its appealing design, but in its unique in-built game system. There are five different games available, and each is carried out by a voice played from the trampoline that gives your child instructions. Kids seem to absolutely love playing the games at the same time as bouncing on this trampoline, and this is only made better by the fact that the games are educational. They teach about memory, counting, music and sound recognition – all great for a young child. The build quality of the Diggin JumpSmart trampoline is one of its best aspects. It is a really sturdy piece of equipment, and is more durable than many similar toys too. As with all trampolines, the bungee cord will eventually tire and break. However, this is easily replaced, and with heavy use still shouldn’t happen more than once or twice in a year. There are a couple of issues with this trampoline, however. One is that it does not fold away. That makes it difficult to store if being used inside. It can also be used outside, but the electronic shouldn’t be exposed to water so long-term outdoor storage isn’t ideal. Another problem, which many users have complained of, is how difficult this trampoline is to assemble. It does take some real elbow grease, as well as a fair bit of time. It’s certainly above and beyond most home assembly jobs for children’s toys! Despite this, it’s certainly not impossible, so this shouldn’t really deter you. Just make sure you give yourself a good amount of time to complete the assembly before you have to give it to your child. Summing up then, this is a really great product that’s built to last. It’ll keep your children happy for a long time, while both burning off some of that excess energy and teaching them basic skills in a variety of areas. Don’t let the prospect of difficult assembly put you off. This is a trampoline well worth buying.


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